Master Sugaring Classes

Become a certified Lauren’s Sugar & Spice professional body sugarist.


Go Pro Class

This is our full-body sugaring course, it is a certified course that teaches you everything from business to marketing, proper technique, product knowledge, and much more. This is a full-day eight-hour one-on-one class, or a two-day class to be taken with others. We will start you on your journey the right way, so you can excel and become an industry leader. Kit required.

Stay Sweet Online

This class is designed to help you learn at your own pace. When you purchase an online class you will have access to a pre-recorded training class. This way you can watch it prior to hands-on learning. You can stop and pause it at your convenience and learn in your own time. You will then be walked through the technique via zoom, and supported after the class as much as necessary. Kit required.

Speed Sugaring Class

This class is designed for those holding a body sugaring certificate and would like to learn the technique of speed sugaring. Time is money, and you can learn to control your services in a quick and efficient way. Your customers will be grateful!! Course offered online and in person. Three hours, with continued support.

Sweet Refreshment

If you are currently an Aesthetician, sugaring practitioner, or student enrolled in Aesthetics school this may be the perfect class for you. In this class, we look at areas of difficulty you are experiencing and customize the class for you. You will receive instruction on technique and efficiency. The course is 2 hours long and no kit is required.


If you have questions regarding classes or your account don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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