Meet Our Educators

Our professional educators.

Meet Lauren

Lauren is the director of Lauren’s Sugar & Spice and has been an Aesthetician for over ten years. I am located in Montreal Quebec and would love to teach you everything you need to know to become a confident Sugarist! I offer classes at my facility, or in your spa at your convenience. My teaching philosophy is deeply based on on-going support. I believe your success is my own, and I like to teach a fully rounded class that not only touches on technique but the full gambit of life in the business.

Meet Janely

Janely is the owner of sugar+ and Winnipeg’s distributor for Lauren’s Sugar & Spice.

Janely’s knowledge and experience of body sugaring go back to 2013 and since then her love and passion for sugaring have only increased! Janely has been able to combine her love for sharing her talent and passion for sugaring by becoming Lauren’s lead instructor for 3 years. Her sugaring philosophy is providing products & services that are natural and effective.

Janely instantly fell in love with Lauren’s Sugar & Spice after trying the products one time. The pastes are smooth and easy to work with and the body products are natural with minimal ingredients. Her favorite part about being an educator is sharing her personal tips and tricks that helped her be a successful sugarist.

Meet Crystal

Crystal is a hands-on educator in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has been certified since 2007. Crystal takes care of her students and loves to show how body sugaring is beneficial, and a smooth process when well learned.

With over 15 years of experience, she has worked with many lines and fell in love using Lauren’s Sugar and Spice. She adores how the product line can be customized to each student and client’s needs.

She knows how to warm a room, and keep both clients & students comfortable at all times. Her classes are designed to be as fun as they are informative, so her students can grow to their full potential. Crystal describes her education as strong, clean, and expressive. She states, “always do what you love and everything else will flow smoothly in line for you”.


If you have questions regarding classes or your account don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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